Abstract - VR Lasertag in Zürich

VR Lasertag is a great activity for friends and families. Enjoy the most advanced VR Shooter in a cool setting. Fun, Adrenaline and Action!

Minimum age and height: 13 years / 155 cm

Exclusive VR-Lasertag Game System

Only at VR City in Zurich you will experience this state of the art VR Lasertag Arena. Fight your epic battles in the coolest VR Arcade in Zurich. Play time is approximately 20-25 minutes.

Full Body

Weapons With Physical
Tactile Feedback​


Team or Deathmatch

Only in our VR Lasertag:

12 Weapon Types

For each weapon, there are 2 shooting modes


Basic - Nanites
Special - Cloud of nanites


Basic - Single shot Special - Grenades


Basic - Laser shot
Special - Powerful shot


Basic - Short distance, high damage.
Special - Shield activation


Basic - One rocket shot
Special - Detonate rocket in flight

Sniper rifle

Basic - Powerful shot
Special - Sniper scope turns on

3 Game Modes

Everyone for himself - fight for your survival and shoot everything that moves. There is only one winner in this game mode.

Form two teams and fight side by side with your playmates. Team spirit is required in this game mode. Lone fighters don't get very far.

Capture the flag of the opposing team and bring it back to your base. But watch out! Don't forget to defend your own flag.

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Minimum age and height: 13 years / 155 cm

2-5 Players

Private Session


6-10 Players

Private Session


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make a reservation?

If you want to make sure you get to play we recommend you to make a reservation. Otherwise you can also just come along and check out our place while you enjoy a drink at our bar, watch others play and see if you can get a spot.

I am wearing glasses, is that a problem?

No, its not a problem unless you have over sized glasses. Short-sighted players need their glasses, Farsighted not. Varifocals work well.

Can I drink and play?

It’s ok if you had one or two small drinks before the experience but we will not let you play drunk because its too dangerous for you and also for our equipment. It is better to enjoy a few drinks AFTER the experience at our bar.

Do people get sick in VR?

We haven’t had any issues with motion sickness since our technology is so advanced that movements in the real world are immediately reflected with the same movements in the virtual reality. Motion sickness only happens if our eyes see something different than our body experiences like e.g. we move around with a joystick but our legs don’t move. Since this is not the case with our experiences we can ensure you that you won’t get motion sickness. If you still do, you can always just take off the headset.

What is full body VR?

In our VR Lasertag Game Abstract your whole body gets tracked by 32 cameras. You move around like in the real world. It is amazing to experience epic battles as if you were really there.

What if I get done before the 1h limit?

You can gladly dive into the next chapter but since you cannot save in the chapters you will have to start again from the beginning of the chapter the next time you come or pay for more time to finish the chapter.

Custom Events

If none of our standard packages fits your needs just use our event configurator
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