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Corona Safety Concept

Last Update: 08.09.2021 at 16:00

Have Fun with a Safety Concept!

We are open!
Entrance only with Covid Certificate starting from 13.9.21

With its Covid-19 safety concept, VR City is still the place to be to have a good time with friends and family. With 540m2 of space and a ceiling height of up to 7 meters and covid safety zones that are far apart the risk of getting an infection is really low.

Big Space 540m2

7m Ceiling

Staff wears
Protective Masks


Thorough disinfection

In addition, all guests receive a free protective mask upon entry and our staff wears masks at all times. Of course we also provide disinfectants at the entrance and our equipment is disinfected even more thoroughly during this time.

Thorough disinfection of the equipment

Free protective

Eye protection with
VR glasses

Adaptation of the Terms and Conditions

For the time during the COVID-19 epidemic in Switzerland, we are adjusting our terms and conditions as follows:

  • For postponements or cancellations up to 7 days before the booking date, you will receive 100% of your invoice amount as a voucher.
  • For postponements or cancellations up to 3 days before the booking date you will receive 80% of your invoice amount as a voucher.
  • In the event of postponements or cancellations less than 3 days before the booking date, you will receive 60% of your invoice amount as a voucher.
  • A refund of the purchase amount is excluded, vouchers will be used in any case displayed. The cancellation must be made in writing in any case.

Additional information

This advice applies not only to COVID-19, but also to periods of flu in general:

We will continue to report on the development of the Corona Virus.

We protect you!

Play our VR games and experience something unique in a safe environment!

Top notch Virtual Reality technology with full body tracking, a VR lounge, bar and spectator areas make VR City the next generation event and hangout location.

Also suitable for non-gamers!

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